Return Policy:

If you want to return the ordered product after receipt of it due to any problem, the way you should follow it and the things you should know are as follows:


Within  7 working days of your order’s arrival, you must initiate refund request and product problem in the “Customer Service” section of our website or send an e-mail to   [email protected]  . We will then ask you to return the product to provided address within seven business days from the date of delivery in the direction of the referral mail to which your shipment will be sent.


Unfortunately, we do not accept refunds against deliveries exceeding seven business days. Your request is handled by the designated company representative upon your arrival and a confirmation e-mail is sent to you.

You must make sure that you return the product you want with the complete original invoice, the package unimpaired, unused, undamaged, order number and correct address. If the product is an invoice company, you must send it together with a ‘RETURN INVOICE’ cut to ‘Product Unit Price + VAT’ without including the cargo share, which is organized by the institution for the refund transaction. You should know that we cannot complete the order replies issued on behalf of the resident institutions if the ‘RETURN INVOICE’ does not stop.

The product box, packaging, if any, standard accessories should be included in the package you have returned to us in complete and undamaged form.

You will be responsible for the shipping charge for all return shipments you will make under these terms. However, if it is found that the product you want to return is defective, you will be paid a shipping fee for the return shipping

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